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Why hire a professional writer when anyone with an understanding of the language can write? And perhaps write correctly? Without major mistakes? Good copywriting | scriptwriting at CMS Writing offer a command not just an understanding of the language. And the ability to use words in new, unexpected ways with precision and efficiency. Good writing appears easy and effortless. The art of writing is a work in progress. Although the talents of writing are born, the process of writing can be learned and mastered. But the writer’s talent is the stem from which the sunflower soars. Practice is what pushes the blossom endlessly heaven bound.


“Writing is an adventure,” said Winston Churchill, and what an adventure it is. An adventure through a wonderland of ideas and images told with select vocabulary and grammar. And arranged to command engagement and assure acceptance. Vocabulary and grammar delivered trippingly on the pen, light and dance-y. To burn like white heat or soothe like a lamb’s ear.



copywriting | scriptwriting.



The creative copywriter | scriptwriter chooses a palette—like a fine artist—that holds the colorful language to paint a reality, real or unreal. Using their individual style—like a second skin—the writer reaches into a scramble of words and phrases, adds an inventive interpretation and delivers new. New approaches, new visions, new arrangements to command attention. To persuade and influence, to move and motivate. To educate and inform and create urgency. That is what exceptional writers at CMS Writing do.


Creative writing is not abandoned in commercial writing. It is the backbone for commercial copywriting | scriptwriting. Creative writing allows the writer to be released from the basics, the ordinary, to take words to a level the reader perhaps has never reached. And, through clarity, economy and persuasion, helps the reader shape an opinion and move to a decision. Commercial writing falls roughly into two categories on this site: copywriting | scriptwriting.


Short form copywriting demands the writer take perhaps volumes of material and reduce them to 30- to 60-second radio or TV spots or brief descriptions in print or online ads. Scriptwriting is the art and craft of writing for film and television. It requires the imagination of a storyteller and the ultimate mastery of language. Often the scriptwriter must take a complicated topic, break it down to make the complex simple and the boring entertaining. And that takes talent!


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